About Us

A history of advocacy, service and representation.

For nearly two decades, the Indian Buisness Association (“IBA”) has served the New Jersey Indo-American community. The IBA is proud to continue a history of representing the small businesses on and surrounding Oak Tree Road and serving as a voice for thousands of Indo-Americans that call New Jersey home.

This tradition began with the IBA’s co-sponsorship with the Indo-American Cultural Society (IACS) of the original Navaratri festival in Edison. For eleven strong years the IBA helped organize this magnificent and internationally known event that drew a nightly crowed of 10,000 people. In the process, the IBA drew support from a diversified sponsers including Prudential, Metlife, TV Asia, Sony, Western Union, Wells Fargo, and many more.

Today, the IBA has garnered international fame as the host of the Annual New Jersey India Day Parade. Over 35,000 people attend every year and over 100 organizations throughout New Jersey participat in this historic event. In addition to our flagship event, the Annual New Jersey India Day Parade, the IBA has also brought a new tradition to the business district: the Oak Tree Road Christmas Tree Lighting festival. This festival celebrates the multiple religions and cultures represented on Oak Tree Road, and the IBA has brought the entire community together by decorating the small business district during the winter months.

Besides celebrating social and cultural events, IBA has many achievements to talk about. The IBA is known not only for our events though. The IBA is also the primier advocate for out Indo-American community. During the early period of Oak Tree Road, the IBA stood with the citizens of the area and against crime. As a result of our work, we were able to create a family friendly environment. The IBA helped solve the parking problems on Oak Tree Road, enabling our small businesses to thrive. The IBA has also organized several non-partisan voter registeration drives, adocated public policy solutions to the many challenges facing our community, and been involved in numerous civc activities. As a result, the IBA has gained the respect of the Indo-American community, its leaders and elected officals throughout New Jersey.

IBA‘s Objectives

Provide a forum for lndo-Americans to exchange ideas, discuss issues, and encourage innovation.

Promote entrepreneurship by creating opportunities, assisting small businesses, and developing professional growth.

Help shape public policy through active participation in the public process.

Support local charities and other humanitarian causes.

Assimilate the Indian community into mainstream America, while preserving our heritage, history, culture, and traditions.

Protect the civil rights of the Indian American and other minority communities.